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The year of geek reads [Nov. 6th, 2007|07:50 pm]
Book Bears and Cubs


I  just finished a pretty large reading project.  Back in January I started a lengthy reading project.  I had decided to reread, in the overarching plot's chronological order, the entire Dune series as written by Frank Herbert and his son Brian Herbert and co-author Kevin Anderson.  Fourteen books in all.  I won't take up all that space to list them all.  If you're interested, they are listed here.

Overall it was an entertaining project.  I'm not the greatest literature critic, so I can't really provide an intense critical analysis of the books.  I can see that there is a pretty noticeable difference in the writing of Frank versus Brian and Kevin.  Frank had to tell a story AND build a universe, delving into politics, religion, drugs, culture, and much more.  Brian and Kevin really don't present much in the way of new ideas or deep thoughts.  They just had to fill in a back story and fill in some gaps and finally wrap things up where Frank didn't get a chance to. 

All in all, I was entertained, but not overwhelmed.  If you're a hardcore fan of Frank's original stuff, you might be disappointed by Brian and Kevin's style.  Or you might just enjoy it as a way to wrap up everything with a nice little literary bow.